The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Mike McGee

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I was intrigued to try 750words back in April when a friend wrote on Tumblr that 750words had changed his life. I was like, “Ok, maybe I should try it.” So I tried it for a few days in April, and fell off hard. I just don’t think I was ready for the commitment of writing 750 words everyday when I could barely write a paper.

This summer I joined four of my college buddies to create a startup company, so I have been driven ever since to learn as much as I can all day everyday. I think I wanted to use 750words to talk about my daily experience but also a start to my day which now started at 6am, which was a major departure from college. What was 750 simple words turned into a routine which has now turned into necessity. Writing my 750 words is the FIRST thing I do everyday, and I have now done it for 89 days in a row. I have only missed one day since I came back in July, and that was the Friday of the first week (I still can’t believe I did that), but besides that hiccup I am 93/94 since early July.

When I started my first One-Month Challenge in August, I thought it would be tough, but it went by like a breeze. The One-Month Challenge in September was an afterthought, because my true goal has been to get to 100 and get the Phoenix. I am also inching closer to 100,000 words, and that is something that I am truly shocked by. Almost two novels! You kiddin’ me! I WISH I could have found this my freshman year of college, it would have truly revolutionized how I thought about writing. But I don’t try to worry about that too much, I am just glad I have it now.

After I get to 100/100,000 I am going to create more rewards! This is not an official recommendation to Buster, but I think there should be some even crazier rewards. I see on some of these testimonials that other people think they have written around and over a million words, there should be something for that! Or for 250,000 and 500,000 words! And for somebody who has written for an entire year! But if these are not created that’s ok, the main point is not getting the badges, it is this feeling right now as I am typing. The feeling to express yourself on an open canvas is refreshing, and I am always excited to start typing every morning.

As I tell my friends, as long as my brain is functioning and I have fingers to type with, I will write my 750 words. Thank you for making this enormous difference in my life.

Testimonial Note from Mike McGee on Wed, Oct 06
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