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One year ago was the eve of my 29th birthday. I was fresh out of a breakup, beyond burned out in my job, creatively inert, and more than a little spooked to have only one year left in my 20s. So I went way out of character and set some goals. One of them was to complete 365 days of journaling on this site. I’d been using it on and off since 2012 but hadn’t been back since inadvertently breaking a 260-some day streak the year before and being too devastated to start over again at 0.

But I set that goal, and I came back. And here we are on the eve of my 30th. Once I write today’s entry, I’ll have made it 365 days. I also have a new job, am in an incomparably beautiful and loving relationship, completed a 30-day 30-poem challenge in April and am about to complete another birthday-based 30-day 30-poem challenge, and oh yeah just ran a half marathon for the first time ever. It has been an unbelievable (truly, an impossible to believe) year. Good fortune accounts for a lot but so does having rearranged my way of living and having this space to reflect and vent and process. THANK YOU! I’m so happy.

Testimonial Note from a on Sun, Nov 22
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