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A Note of Inspiration from Amanda Zakoske

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Yesterday I finished my first one month challenge. I have tried other months but always missed a day or two for silly reasons. I feel so accomplished now that I am on the Wall of Awesomeness for a few reasons; most of them are silly, but the challenge helped me come to some really big conclusions and put these things into action.
The biggest thing that has come out of this one month challenge is me ending my 2 year abusive relationship and beginning to move on. Without 750 words I know what I am doing would have been much more difficult. I am so thankful to this website for providing a forum to express my thoughts and feelings in a very cool way. I am almost to 100,000 words and I know that I am finally on the right path, despite how difficult these last weeks have been.

Thank you for everything. You have truly changed my life.

Testimonial Note from Amanda Zakoske on Fri, Oct 01
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