The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from April Whalley

20 cups

Recently things have been a little stressful, just the life kind of stuff that we create for ourselves, one day I must have not checked my stats as I usually do, the last 14 words written did not save. After one thousand and two hundred and something days of writing I was an egg again. Being a space squirrel was a joy. But then I realised that being an egg was a joy. That writing everyday is the joy. Thank you 750 words, Kellianne, for fixing my error and restoring my spacey squirrellyness, but more importantly, thank you for this site. The blip in my internet has made me realise that I am more relaxed than I thought about the streak! And that this is such a habit, it will go on forever anyway.

Testimonial Note from April Whalley on Thu, Oct 22
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