The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Patron Gavriella Roberta Delgado

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A huge thank you to Buster and Kellianne for having created and for maintaining this site for all of the rest of us! You have been and continue to be a huge contribution to my life. I was someone who wrote longhand, daily morning pages for five years before discovering your website. Once discovered, it’s given me the capacity to keep this going and be rewarded with badges for my efforts. Of course, the rewards of a daily “brain dump” are amazing especially in those small moments of life—the moment when I am about to get upset about something someone in my life is either doing or not doing and I have an additional moment to pause before saying or doing something harmful. Like just now, sitting at my desk at work during lunch about to write my 750 words and feeling a bit sad that I hadn’t received a bunch of flowers delivered to my desk for my birthday, so, sitting down to write this note and be grateful to have a place to let all of this out, miraculously, the receptionist arrives with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and an orchid from my friend and lover! Now, isn’t that priceless? No amount of money could buy that kind of freedom from visiting all of that upset on my wonderful partner who took the time and the effort to send me flowers! Thanks a million, Buster and Kellianne! I’m now going to up my monthly donation to share my gratitude with you!

Testimonial Note from Gavriella Roberta Delgado on Mon, Oct 19
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