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A Note of Inspiration from Thor McCready

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I’ve just completed the September challenge after discovering the site in mid-August and writing every day since. A recent Patron wrote that the site has got them back into doing regular writing and become a part of their daily routine. That is definitely my experience. I’ve been meaning to start regular writing for years and I suppose things came together recently but it’s finally happening, with a large part due to the addictiveness of 750Words. I try to write my pages in the morning and have used them to exorcise negative emotions, write character sketches or sections of stories, and for journalling. I’m now planning to add extra time into my day for “proper writing” (where I’m not racing for a word count, and quality over quantity), but I wouldn’t be thinking of that now without having got the confidence at 750Words to see that I could write every day. I’ve signed up for Nanowrimo in a month and am planning to use my morning pages for it. Roll on the 100,000 word mark. Thanks Buster and everyone for making this site a fun, motivating place to come every day!

Testimonial Note from Thor McCready on Thu, Sep 30
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