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A Note of Inspiration from Member Tyler Bachelder

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I’m back to write another note. I’ve been inconsistent since starting use of the site back in August of 2014. However, this year, and within the last month especially, I’ve dedicated myself to the habit. It’s paid off in more ways than I can imagine. I’m just a fledgling with only thirty-four days under my wing, but this site has kept me focused and given me something to strive for beyond that ever-intangible satisfaction factor. It feels great to look back and see all the words piled up in heaps behind you. It feels good to revisit them and get acquainted with your myriad past selves. The payoffs to this process are uncountable. Thank you for such a wonderful site.

Oh, and I’m only about seven or eight thousand away from the Nano badge. I’m snagging that bugger this month. I already got the 100k badge in September, so this one’s a bonus.

Testimonial Note from Tyler Bachelder on Sun, Sep 20
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