The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Abigail Cioffi

1 cup

Well with 5 delicious cups of patronage, I should definitely use one to talk about how wonderful this has been for me. I have had some days where I logged on at 11:40pm and typed furiously to get my words in, just so I don’t break that streak. Ever since I signed up for August challenge, I’ve written every day and haven’t stopped (even during a trip where I only had a tablet and tiny keyboard with me, which was much harder than expected!). I’m on a 44-day streak, and starting to set new goals for myself (top of the list: wake up and write, don’t wait until later). So, thank you, thank you for this site, it has helped me through some rough times, helped organize my thoughts for the future, and even helped me make (and finish) to do lists. Here’s to many more days.

Testimonial Note from Abigail Cioffi on Sun, Sep 13
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