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Well, it’s nearly 18 months now since I went into labour, on day 100 of my last long writing streak. (Yes, I completed that 100th day of writing. I was darned if a little thing like childbirth was going to stop me!)

Since then, my priorities were necessarily overturned. My days (and nights) have been filled with nappies and delight and tears and cuddles, and more tears and cuddles, and lots and lots of puke. Writing, alas, dropped way down on the list.

There have been attempts to re-start, but none that stuck. But I’m still here. Still trying. And this month, I don’t know … I feel hopeful. Here’s to my 7th day of a brand new month, a brand new season, and a brand new streak. And maybe, if I’m lucky, a brand new story.

Testimonial Note from calliaphone on Mon, Sep 07
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