The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Ian A Winship

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I’ve been using 750Words for a few years now. It’d be on again off again for a while but, last year I shot for a full year of writing. I blew it in July. This year I am trying again and I am doing a lot better. I’m still rolling. I use 750Words for my thinking space, journaling, and most importantly I write all of my fiction on it. My character, setting, theme, and plot development all happen here. Then my first drafts happen here. I eventually move to a word processor to edit but, this is where I go first. Seeing the blank page and having the opportunity to fill it up each day is what keeps me going. Getting the email reminder each day is key too. Thank you very much for keeping this site going. It has motivated me in more ways than one.

Testimonial Note from Ian A Winship on Tue, Sep 01
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