The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Patron Temaris

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I joined the site a number of years ago, and never quite seemed to get going — and then, this year I started again. I’m not quite as consistent as I want to be, keep stopping and starting, and that phoenix looks an unlikely prospect, but on the other hand, in the six months I’ve been back, i’ve written a 100K words.

I’ve turned into an evangelist for the site. It has gotten me writing, and writing fiction again, when i thought I might never find that vein again. Writing 750 words, any words, has stifled my tendency to self-criticise myself out of doing it, has stopped me demanding the ‘right environment’ — I wrote one set this week next to a disco, perched on a bar stool — I have to write my 750 by midnight, and it’s just 750 words, no one will see, I can write ANYTHING, I never even have to look at it again, they just don’t matter — and out of the blue I’ve been writing fiction again, finally. Some days I’m getting out huge numbers of words, dodging that inner critic that insists that my ideas, my words are just not good enough. All I have to do is write. I can worry about perfection some other day.

Testimonial Note from Temaris on Tue, Aug 11
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