The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Member Kay C. Oppen

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750 words has changed my life – it is something I look forward to do every morning. It has grounded and centered me and it is a comforting voice to all that is going on in my mind, heart and soul. Anytime I am worried or upset I know writing these pages will calm, soothe and give an authentic picture to what is going on in my inner world and space and bring out into to the open so that I can deal with the issues that arise. It’s amazing how relaxing it is this routine and habit that this now has become for me and it is something I do with joy and alacrity no matter what the mood is of the content matter of what I write. Thank you for Buster and Kelly for keeping my writing voice well oiled through the practice of writing every day no matter what.

Testimonial Note from Kay C. Oppen on Sun, Aug 09
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