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A Note of Inspiration from Amanda Williamson

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I have been on this website for many years, but I haven’t written in a few. Since my nan passed away I have struggled with writing. However, I remembered this website a few weeks ago and I decided that I was going to start writing again. I knew that there was a monthly sign up challenge and so I thought I would sign up for August. When I saw the “NaNoWriMo” badge I thought that this was my chance to actually write about all of the ideas I’ve had for novels over the years.

So far this month I have written 2,000 words every day. I plan to do this for the whole month and I will have a draft novel to show for it. The motivation to earn the badges keeps me going and I’m grateful to the website for this and for providing a word count so I know how much further I have to go on for!

Testimonial Note from Amanda Williamson on Tue, Aug 04
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