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A Note of Inspiration from Deb Herman

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The internet is full of so many things, good and bad, banal or terrifying. This site is different, this site is remarkable. Of the many addictions I have had over the years (some useful, others not so much) this is without doubt the absolute best of them. Not only do I come to 750 Words and write them every day with joy, even when it’s hard, but the amount of time I spend writing elsewhere has increased massively. My creative output has never been higher nor my mood so consistently positive. Tomorrow (barring some great unforeseeable event) I will come back and write at least seven hundred and fifty words for the fiftieth day in a row since I began. Badges are sweet but I won’t need one tomorrow to make that feel any better than it already does.
Thank you, Buster and Kellianne, you created something unique, inspirational and wholly good and you put it out into the world for anyone to share. You are seriously cool people – as are all the other writers that come here and do what they do. Spread the word, this place is a gift we can all share with everyone who for whatever reason wants or needs to write.

Testimonial Note from Deb Herman on Sat, Jul 25
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