The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Vita

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I’m writing this note about two weeks past reaching 365 days of consecutive writing. just writing that sentence makes it feel more real, wow.

I started with 750words way back in 2013, when I found this site through a post on tumblr. I wrote for a day or two, then stopped because I thought it was too much trouble. I was a visual artist, not a writer, and I felt that doing daily writings would be pointless. fast forward to the end of my junior year of highschool where I decided to try 750words again, because it was summer and I had few responsibilities. now I am headed off to college in a few short months, and I’ve been writing the whole way through, and I hope I can stick with this habit through college and beyond.

I initially wanted to use 750words as a serious character development dump, with the hopes of being able to cobble together one of the stories floating around in my brain for years. it hasn’t quite panned out that way, but the mix of journaling and brainstorming I do in these pages has led to quite a few new ideas I wouldn’t have been able to think of otherwise, and I’ve been able to find out more about myself in the process as well.

thank you buster and kelliane, for giving a lazy highschooler a way to get themselves to build a good habit and accomplish something big.

Testimonial Note from Vita on Mon, Jun 22
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