The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Paul Kalupnieks

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Thank you Buster. Thank you Kellianne. 750 words has changed my life forever. I have spent years trying to build the habit of daily morning pages and failed many times to make it one. This site, the gentle encouragement of achievement has allowed me to make this my own, a way to capture not only the essence of my mornings, my days, but the deepest parts of my psyche. It has been a wonderful journey getting here, one that I will continue forever, now. I have not missed a day in 6 months so I can’t even say what it feels like to miss one, but I do know that it is just such an automatic thing for me to sit down and type, now, that it would be impossible to break the chain of days writing.

Testimonial Note from Paul Kalupnieks on Thu, May 28
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