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A Note of Inspiration from Dana Cousins

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Isn’t life strange. I would not think for one minute that the young inspiring pilot would do this to himself and 149 lost souls. I mean how could anyone fathom what goes on in the mind of the mentally sick. How could we to be honest, for we really can’t open a window and look inside can we? Or can we? I am not sure with the updated ways physicians and their modern day tools pry into the human mind. But I am sure like the odd duck that flies by unnoticed in a auldum hunt, humans can slip by the smoke screen to madness. I am very puzzled how anybody , even in their sick twisted mind could fly their jet into a mountain over 500 miles an hour. But it is not for me to past judgement for the window was closed to all not to see in. This young man just starting out in a bright future had his own idea didn’t he. But if one could see through this maze of madness what do you think you would see? Would you see blue skies and pretty sunsets? Would their be beautiful music playing with laughter and joy. Would the smiles from the faces in the crowd be real with no judgemental behaviour. If you think this is the picture you would witness, my first response would say how could it? I mean how could this co-pilot that many people trusted and family loved be in a happy state. How would he every hear the birds sing or the or his childhood memories of happy times. I can’t imagine he would think of anything except darkness and hollow screams echoing in his mind of doom. No if I would to place a bit in Vegas I would have to say this young man lived in a room of horrors. So their you have it. The evidence is not to be overturned for this man must have lived in pain for very long that he decided on this morning that it would be his last. Look through the window again to see him leaving home for the last time. What is he doing today that would make someone stand up and say stop. Where is the cue that would alert the pilot that his wingman was in deep despair. Why didn’t the chief stewards onboard this plane of death notice that the life of all onboard would be over soon. How could this happen I ask myself. How could the duck fly by the sharpest shooters in the country to live another day? I wonder was this a plan by some great powers from above. Have the gods orchastrated this whole play that went terribly wrong. Did the gods make a mistake when they choose this young man to play the part of the pilot who almost crash his plane. Did someone higher up in the heavens forget to write the final chapter of this story, where a brave passenger averted the crash by kicking in the cockpit door. How could the gods be so forgetful not to include this very important part of this story. Or was it that the boy they had cast to play the villain didn’t read his lines. Maybe just maybe this young fly boy thought he would add some spice to the boring ending. I mean why in the mind of this actor allow someone else get all the glory. Maybe this boy didn’t feel worthy of playing the bad guy who was apprehended and upstaged by another fellow actor. So at the last minute in his room back stage when he came out to play the finally act. He did what everybody did not think could happen. He upstaged all who was before him. He purposely neglected to play his part as scripted. He turned his back on the screaming director and did the unthinkable. He sacrificed his life and all onboard this bird of aluminum. He locked the really door and not allow no man to take away his shinning moment in the sun. As he looked forward and watched the mountain rage come closer. He smiled and in his mind you could see it slowly happen. Just before the plane plummet to earth, the window closed for the last time. The curtains were drawn and the he turned off the lights for nobody to see. He walked slowly back to his bedroom and sat and waited. His last thought was he was free. Even though nobody could see in this window. You could tell he was happy for the music that was not present before rang softly over the mountain top. He was home now. No one in his world would hurt him no more. And all his co – actors, all 149 of them finally seen what they have missed all this time. They failed to see the duck fly as this beautiful creature has gone home one last time.

Testimonial Note from Dana Cousins on Sat, Mar 28
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