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A Note of Inspiration from Nan Mat

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More badges for accomplishments

I have found the badges to be very motivating. Personally, I could use some additional badges for the intervals of days that occur in between the intervals that are currently badged. It’s a long way from one badge to the next at some intervals…and I’ve had the misfortune at least once to fall short of the next one by a small enough distance that it really hurt…having earned another badge in the middle would have really helped with the disappointment. And also badges in between those intervals help with feelings of accomplishment, even if you do make it to the next badge and the next.

Also, it would be great to have some random fun badges for using certain words a number of times throughout your writing (especially positive words like “thankful” – which would reward people for spending time writing about things that make them happy (that can only improve our daily lives and the world, right?).

Thanks so much for this site!

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