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A Note of Inspiration from Andi Lim

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730 DAYS, 2 YEARS. Exactly two years ago, I began typing in this site, and wrote a really silly story about a girl with magical blood powers. So much has changed over the years and here I am.

I want to thank Buster and Kelliane for making and maintaining this wonderful site that has always been there for me when I was feeling lost. Typing out my thoughts and feelings was what kept me sane, and motivated me when I was feeling defeated. I’ve been through a real roller coaster the past year, and if it weren’t for this site, I’d be dead or completely hysterical, unsure and even more depressed. During those dark suicidal days, typing out 750 words really helped me feel better. I have written poetry, stories, daily journal logs and even a Nanowrimo in 2013!

I am very very very grateful that I came across this site. As soon as I get a credit card after I turn 18, I’ll be sure to donate to this site because that’s the most I could do to repay ya’ll. Thank you so much,, for the 730 days of writing. I’ve been keeping this streak since I first started typing here, and I’m a proud space bird!

Here’s to more days to come!

Testimonial Note from Andi Lim on Thu, Jan 15
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