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A Note of Inspiration from Paul Kalupnieks

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IFTTT Support

Being able to automagically send my morning pages from 750 to another place would be so grande. I’m not entirely sure what needs to be built for 750 Words to suppose the webhooks that IFTTT has for “this” type actions on their end. Allowing that kind of API “export” would probably be the most flexible for the most people since now it can go out to any service that can be plugged into IFTTT as a “that” action.
For me this would be creating a new Evernote note in a specific notebook but it could be any number of things that others may want including posting to a blog or other note taking services.
I think about doing backups for important things like this (writing even if it’s throw away is a great source of ideas) in as automatic a way as possible because i know i forget to manually do just about anything.

New Feature Request Note from Paul Kalupnieks on Sat, Dec 27
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