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A Note of Inspiration from Bex vanKoot

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I’ve been here long enough that I have a lifetime account, at least a couple years. But for a really long time, I just couldn’t make a habit of it! I don’t know what changed this year, but I’ve finally done it. 79 days and counting. Once I made it a full month, I knew I couldn’t stop. I finally made it all the way through The Artists Way, and I know that morning pages are now a permanent part of my life.

Being able to dump whatever is stuck in my head when I first wake up in the morning changes my whole day. Along with a few productivity tips and tools I’ve picked up over the years, this makes all the difference to a day full of creativity and productivity, without being hampered down by anger or sadness or even whatever excitement is irking at the corner of my mind when it’s fresh from sleep.

I can’t recommend this site highly enough and I am so damn happy to have a lifetime account. <3

Testimonial Note from Bex vanKoot on Wed, Dec 17
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