The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from John Leonard

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Well here we are – I signed up for the November challenge, and failed because I forgot to write for two days over a weekend! After 21 days, no less! So I have paid up on my promise to donate $20 to, and started the December challenge. This time I won’t be beaten, even if Santa tries to distract me with mince pies, Christmas treats, and lovely presents.

I love this site. I thought it would be hard to write 750 words a day, but after writing 500 words a day for 256 days in a row (yes, I stopped on a power of two, how terribly geeky), I think I have it in me.

As for what I write, well, it’s changed an awful lot from what I thought I would write. Instead of using the 750 words wisely and building a proper writing habit, exercising my prose creation skills, and sharpening the mental pencil everyday, I am instead plotting and scheming and using this private space to build my future while planning the downfall of my co-workers.

Well, whatever works, I suppose – it’s all writing, after all.

Testimonial Note from John Leonard on Thu, Dec 04
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