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A Note of Inspiration from Member Patricia Young

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This has been an incredible journey in writing for me.a little more than 400 days ago I learned of 750words it was a way of keeping me focused, giving me reachable challenges until I was able to reach even higher. The daily practice became the catalyst to my first publication last January, then has steadily provided a resource to draw from, be it poetry, essay and now last month the NaNaWriMo badge. But that wasn’t the end – I looked at receiving the badges as the foundations. I’m not far from the last one – Spacebird. But does that mean I am finished? Hardly, it means a new chapter begins. 750words has become my Morning Pages yes, but those pages started my novel, explore ideas, lists and characters, it is not a notepad, it is what you decide it is, how you decide to use it, making it a custom fit to your writing. Along the way Buster and Kellieanne have been more than supportive when the technology will not obey. They celebrate with me. What an unexpected surprise in a world of plastic keyboards and lifeless pages. If you take anything away from reading my thoughts – I hope it is encouragement, not bragging or boast, it is a community of very unique people. Writers. Dreamers, Believers. Here for one another. Reading YOUR thoughts inspires me. I thank Kellianne & Buster, and I thank YOU too. May 2015 be an amazing year for everyone.
Breathe Deep, Think Peace
Patricia Young

Testimonial Note from Patricia Young on Thu, Dec 04
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