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A Note of Inspiration from Owen H

4 cups
Unique Word Count

I’m blowing all 4 of my cups of patronage on this: A unique word count feature would be an awesome part of the eternity data as well as the daily feedback. It’s pretty self-explanatory: It would simply count the number of unique words used in a given entry and perhaps compare that with the existing corpus of a given writer. The feature would count unique words since account inception and it would be neat to have a badge or two- say something like 5000 unique words 10,000 unique words, and 20,000 unique words. It would be neat to see how many new words were contained within an entry.

I recently saw some stats on David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, and it talked about the number of unique words contained in that tome. It would be super neat to see how my writing stacks up to his.

I love this site and writing like this. It has completely reawakened my spirit and joy in life.

New Feature Request Note from Owen H on Thu, Oct 16
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