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More badges for accomplishments

I feel that we are always asking for more badges, I know I am. I really think that this is something that the site should listen to and jump on. There are many other “secure” sites to write daily and some of them even have writing communities where you can chat with fellow writers. What makes this site so different is that it helps with setting up writing goals and rewards you for meeting them. If there is no reward for continuing on…why do so? Why not move to one of the many other sites that offer the same thing minus the badges? I don’t really care about if the computer says that I’m talking about death or family or that my writing feels happy or angry. Half of the time those stats are wrong. Make that about 90% of the time they are wrong. Pretty much none of the information in there is useful. Badges would be useful and would keep people paying and supporting this site. Here are some ideas, many that I and others have voiced before.

705 days
1,000 days
1,500 days
2,000 days
750,000 words
1,000,000 words
2,000,000 words

Also, you can take some of the badges like the night owl and the hamster and extend them. How about 30 days in a row gives you a ring around the badge or gives you a star above the badge.

How about collecting a different colored horse for each month of the year that you do the monthly challenge. Silver for Jan, Red for Feb, Green for March and so forth. The one we have now can be for just completing your first monthly challenge.

How about a badge for writing so many notes of inspiration? This too would encourage people to support the site.

There are so many ways to go about this. Even I would pay to have badges unlocked.

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