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A Note of Inspiration from Helen Kaelin

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I have always found that my thoughts seem to “accumulate” over time and that if I don’t write them down or tell them to someone, it feels as if I can’t remember anything. My brain flits from topic to topic without stopping, and sometimes it takes me days to do something as simple as “go to the grocery store” because I forget.
This got sooo much worse after I had my first child. I love her dearly, but it feels like she took half my brain with her when she exited my womb. It was so bad I even talked to the doctor about it, resulting in meds and a headscan. None of it worked.
I am finding as I returned to my Morning Pages in spits and spurts, however, that when I can do a “brain dump” and leave all of my backlogged thoughts on these pages that my mind seems to lighten a bit. I have better recall and better attention, and less irritation when dealing with my baby. I’m going to continue with it and see if that trends continues or (hopefully) grows exponentially until I return to my pre-baby ability to recall things.
Thank you for offering a site where I can type out my thoughts, otherwise it would never get done. Writing things out by hand would have killed me.

Testimonial Note from Helen Kaelin on Fri, Jun 20
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