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A Note of Inspiration from Smallest Forest

1 cup

I’ve just finished writing my final entry, completing the August challenge, so I am quietly celebrating this modest achievement with—what else?—more writing! I never did find my name on the Wall of Awesome, nor on the Wall of Shame, and while that bothered me the first few days, I stopped caring. Eventually I stopped caring about the stats, too, and the badges, or the very sluggish horses by Jack Cheung! I realizde I was doing this challenge for myself, to complete it was its own reward, and it didn’t matter who else knew that I was writing every night—I knew.
It has been fun, and surprisingly easy to come here every evening and write. I think you have found a patron for life..thanks, Buster, for this little space of quiet, motivation, and focus!

Testimonial Note from Smallest Forest on Tue, Aug 31
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