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A Note of Inspiration from Sherry L Prange

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As I wrote this morning, the little message popped up that said I had completed 750 words, but it also said that I was on a 73 day streak. It suddenly dawned on me. I am not too far away from 100 and my next badge. When I thought about 100, I thought it seemed almost like an impossible goal. It was so big. But this site automatically broke it down into smaller parts—not because I decided it that way, but just because it is the way it is. I had to decide whether or not to make a 30 day commitment. I shied away from that and yet finally decided that I was going to DO it. I knew that I was not going to allow my name on the wall of Shame, and so far, that has not happened. That negative was a motivator in some ways, but also the fact that I just had to DECIDE was there, as well. Once I decided, I did not want to break my decision. I made it through one month and was surprised at how proud I felt. So did I commit to month two? You bet! And now I am suddenly at 73 days and realizing I am not that far away from 100. How did I complete almost 100 days when the goal was so big? I didn’t look at the 100. I looked at 30 days. I suddenly look ahead 30 days and realize I am over 100. WOW. That is what I need to do with my WEIGHT!

Let it sneak up on me by making small commitments and keeping them. First make a REAL decision. Decide on something shameful if I don’t accomplish actually following my plan. Then I live with that shameful thing that I must do. But if I accomplish it, then I will feel that pride. Shame IS a motivator. In the long run, shame will not work forever, but it has its place. It was the Wall of Shame that made me want to stick with this. I did not want my name there. Now I need to use what I have learned and move from obese to skinny. :-)

Testimonial Note from Sherry L Prange on Sat, May 31
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