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A Note of Inspiration from Steve Garriott

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After 186 days (where I could just taste moving to the next level), my brain decided to let me miss a day. Sometimes I think I share my head with another person. Sometimes that person is benevolent, other times they seem either neutral or malevolent. So I spent some time evaluating my whole reason for doing the daily writings. I raged against that blank spot on my calendar, that blemish that will never go away, my relationship with perfection. It’s not easy to admit that there is truth outside of myself, that I don’t have everything all together, that I’m not always in control of things. Life smacked me again. I could quit or move on. I decided to move on, put that little bit of reality into my back of tricks and realize I still have a lot to learn about myself. Some of it won’t be pretty, but it’s still me. And I think I’m okay with that.

Testimonial Note from Steve Garriott on Thu, May 22
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