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A Note of Inspiration from Betsy

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I have used today’s 750 words to draft this testimonial. A career assessment just called me a rabbit, as I am extremely cautious and can be afraid to start new things. The blank page can be a fearsome foe to the overly cautious. Indeed, it was only shockingly recently that I realized that I could write words I was not sure about on paper! This “thinking through writing” people talk about happens when words are used for reflection and exploration—and sometimes the truth of ideas is revealed by saying the wrong thing first. (Imagine that!) So, 750 Words is an amazing tool: it helps me get started writing something—anything—without going back to erase what I just wrote (because I need to rack up more words!). I write out everything that comes to mind, regardless of relevance or truth; if I’m doing this as part of a writing project, I then save everything in another file and take the axe to it there. This site is the haven that welcomes any words that come to mind—be they monstrous, preposterous, or nonsense—because they all help get to 750. Thank you, Buster and Kellianne, for making this site available!

Testimonial Note from Betsy on Thu, May 15
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