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A Note of Inspiration from Jolie Curry

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A few months ago, I wrote that my mom was very sick. She died of bladder cancer on Feb. 12. She knew I used this site and when I had my best streak going, over a hundred days, she was the one who saved it for me one night. It was a little after 11 p.m. and she was going to bed. She said, “did you write your words?” I had totally forgotten. We had been having a nice evening, watching some TV and laughing at this and that. That was last November and she was still doing all right, as far as being mobile, able to engage, etc. But my streak broke last December 18, when she got very sick again, was admitted to the hospital, and I had to leave work and travel a couple of hours to be with her. The most I’ve been able to keep going since then is about 30 days and that’s with taking scheduled days off. I always think of that night when she saved my streak. She knew it was important to me. Maybe one day I’ll get 100 days again. Note of inspiration: I don’t know. I was just thinking of how I’m now on the wall of shame because I failed the April challenge. But here I am, back, and writing. Mom would want me to do that.

Testimonial Note from Jolie Curry on Sat, Apr 19
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