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A Note of Inspiration from Bailey Lentz

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I am 18 and married, with a 18 month old child… My life has been pretty tough these past few years, and money is tight… However 750 words has helped me more than anyone could possibly fathom, it has given me a place to get all of the mess going on in my life out of my head. After a few days I could already feel the tension and stress leaving me. I have used this website as a place where I can complain and rant about everything in my life I hate, so that when I click that “Save and Submit” button, it all seems to disappear, and everything I was angry about just vanished. Although I have only been using 750 words for a month, I have already seen massive benefits from it, far more than I ever expected….
Thank You,
Bailey Lentz

Testimonial Note from Bailey Lentz on Fri, Apr 18
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