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A Note of Inspiration from Clara Miller

1 cup

I’m on day 503 now. I’ve been so determined to keep it going. I never thought I could do it but this site has given me hope.
Last night the internet was out at my house. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get it to connect and struggled with it for hours. I really needed to go to bed and get some sleep because I had to get up early for work. And the day was fast ticking down. I could keep struggling with my internet, or find another place to connect, which is what I did. I threw my laptop into my backpack and ran to my work place which has free wifi and stood outside of the closed building to complete my words. No, I literally ran. I’m not in the best of space, but I was completely determined (and probably thought to be crazy by my roommate). Glad there wasn’t too many people out cause I bet I might have looked strange being on my laptop in the employee parking lot. xD Even though I ended up getting only a couple hours of sleep, I still feel energetic and awake. I’m so glad that I didn’t break my streak. May all this determination leak to other aspects of my life.

Testimonial Note from Clara Miller on Thu, Apr 17
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