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A Note of Inspiration from Brenna Christine Siver

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It never gets any easier. If you’ve been tempted to quit, and people tell you “It gets easier”, they lied. It only seems that way because you get better at it. The level of difficulty is still the same; it may even get higher; but by persevering through the dark times and despair, you level up to a point where you can handle it. After 5th grade comes 6th grade, which is harder. After your baby is a crying, diapering mess, he’s a toddler running all over the place, which is harder. But you’ve gained strength from the journey, and you can keep on.
This is one thing 750 words has done for me: it motivated me to persevere. After struggling through February, I completed the March challenge and began Camp NaNoWriMo in April. The ideas are flowing like a prairie wind, fast and strong. It’s not that it’s easy; it’s that because I practiced long and hard, I can do it now.
Keep on keeping on.

Testimonial Note from Brenna Christine Siver on Wed, Apr 09
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