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A Note of Inspiration from Robert Collins

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Secure server for writing

OK, so maybe Edward Snowden has taught us that nothing online is really secure anymore. If the NSA wants to read our daily scribblings, they will. I realize the “secure” is only relative. But at present I feel that my only protection is in numbers. 750 Words is one of millions of websites, and I am one of hundreds of 750 Words users. So I’m probably safe from random snoops just because there are so many other potential targets out there.

It’s as if I were to keep my private journal in a bound volume that I hide on a high shelf in a room full of uncataloged books at, say, the Library of Congress. Most likely, no one will ever lay hands on that diary except me. But the odds would be much more in my favor if I could keep that diary in a locked cabinet rather than an open shelf. Maybe there are some skeleton key holders out there who can’t be stopped, but that’s no reason not to use a lock when you want privacy.

Please give us a locked cabinet.

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