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A Note of Inspiration from Francy J. Campion

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Last sunday, January 26th at 8:55 pm (or 20:55 here in Germany) my mother past away. Cancer.

Her fight lasted three years. Chemotherapy after Chemotherapy. Multiple bone marrow transplantations. Up to over 50 different pills a day. Everytime I’ve got a call, my heart nearly stopped, because I always feared it would be bad news. Well, the bad news came, in the end.

Point is, it has been three years of constantly beeing on edge. Thoughts, hopes and fears never stopping. So I wrote it all down. Got it out of my mind. If it hadn’t been for this side, I would have gone mad.

And now, that she’s gone, my daily writing routine works as an anker. When I opened this site monday morning, the first day without her, I realized how good it felt, that at least something’s staying the same. Opening this site in the morning and start writing. It is really soothing and gives me a kind of security and normality. It’s just one of those little things, that, besides beeing ‘just a website’ really helps and makes a difference.

First I wrote about my mother, now I write for her. To her. And to have the opportunity to do so, here, on this site, is something, I can’t thank you enough.

Testimonial Note from Francy J. Campion on Wed, Jan 29
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