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A Note of Inspiration from Erik Kraemer

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I had started the 3 pages exercise once in the past and again during a creative writing course with Melanie Biehle (Inward Facing Girl blog). I eventually fell off the boat, wagon…. whatever you want to call it… in both cases. Wishing to start fresh and once again looking up how many words 3 pages is (I’m a stickler for details), I found At first uncertain about committing personal thought to a site somewhere “out there” I quickly decided “what the heck”. I have LOVED it. The reminder e-mails are critical. The gamifying aspect with badges has also had a positive effect on my commitment. Who knew? In any event, I have managed to uncover my “spark”, my reason for living. I’ve learned what wasn’t driving me too. Things I had considered important were simply simply “effects” or “Symptoms”. Clearing my mind by writing about items I was thinking about has allowed me so much clarity. I have let side projects drop after realizing why I was dragging my feet with them (they weren’t critical to ME). I’m getting more done now, because I’m doing less. I know. The sentence doesn’t make sense unless you’ve experienced it. I throw items on the page and keep typing. I don’t stop. I don’t critique… okay, I do go back and fix spelling errors and typos. It won’t cure everything and my nit-pickiness is here to stay. I’m alright with that, it has been a rather faithful companion. In any event, 750words is FANTASTIC. Love it.

Testimonial Note from Erik Kraemer on Sun, Dec 08
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