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A Note of Inspiration from Member Patricia Young

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I’ve written all my life, from journaling to poetry, short story, children stories – but it was not until I was at one of my lowest darkest places, that the opportunity to attend a writers retreat in Montana in August came to be, that I ever considered to take my writing to another level. Since attending the retreat and beginning this journey in words – 750 Words has been instrumental in creating a safe place to express anything I want, from there comes inspiration, feelings pour out anew onto the page – it is what I begin my day with – setting me up for success. Everything seems to flow more easily. I’ve only just begun, how everything points in this direction, how things have lined up. In just a few months since I’ve started, the people, experiences, critiques, mentors, editors have seen the improvements. Reassuring me I"m on the right path. I honestly do not feel I would have made these advancements, in this time frame without 750 Words. I LOVE the badges, and all the aspects of the site – I’ve learned more about myself which of course then helps enrich my writing. Its a win-win for everyone. Thank You Thank You Buster and Kellieanne – for your creativity, thoughtfulness, brilliance, fun and taking time to help each of us when we reach out – you always reach back. Breathe Deep, Think Peace

Testimonial Note from Patricia Young on Sun, Nov 03
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