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A Note of Inspiration from Jarkko Helenius

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Fastest words/minute

I’m a numbers addict and while the graph already vaguely tells you how fast you were typing during your fastest minutes, I’d like to see the exact number how many words I wrote during my fastest minute.

As I said, it can be seen from the brilliant graph, but not exactly. Also, speaking of the graph I’d hope the numbers on the axis in it were fixed and not adjusted based on how fast you wrote – at least give the option. Cause when the top is some odd number like 77 it becomes even harder to figure out how fast you were writing from the bars.

Anyway that’s just nerding out with the numbers which I love, I won’t mind either way. As I’ve stated before, I love this site regardless and it has become a big part of my life.


New Feature Request Note from Jarkko Helenius on Mon, Jul 22
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