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A Note of Inspiration from Pacifica Noel

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Edit Metadata

Hi there! It would be great if we could delete or alter our metadata list. The other day I added metadata accidentally by writing the word “SO:” – I said “so” because I was a concluding a thought, capitalized for emphasis, and followed with a colon because I was making a list…but now the word SO is in my metadata – with nothing after it. It would be nice if I could erase that from my eternal list of metadata – because “SO” is not something I will ever use again as a metadata signifier. It would be great if you could delete things that you no longer want to appear (ideas or to-dos that have already been accomplished for example), or change the name of a category of metadata, or move a piece of metadata from one category to another. I realize this would require much fancier programming…But maybe something for the future!

New Feature Request Note from Pacifica Noel on Thu, Jul 18
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