The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from bohemiangirl

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monthly stats for completed months

Thank you so much for 750 words! Now that I’m actually doing it (for almost 2 months now), I definitely feel less stress as I head off to work each morning. I wasn’t expecting that. I started writing to get over writer’s block that was putting me behind at work (I’m a grant writer.), but I’ve discovered many more personal benefits. I used to write in a journal before bed years ago. But I like morning pages better and love the stats. On days when I don’t want to get up or I’m running late, knowing that I need to write before I leave the house gives me that little push to get going.

I would love to see monthly stats (in addition to daily stats) for completed months. It would give a better view of overall progress for typing speed, time to completion, average number of words over the long term.


New Feature Request Note from bohemiangirl on Sun, Jul 07
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