The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Alexa Dacre

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I’m one of those people who hoards notebooks. I have a shelf full of them, beautiful colors, exquisitely smooth paper and nice pens…and I am afraid to write in them, feeling that my words aren’t, well, worthy of those beautiful covers, that my thoughts and ideas are banal or ugly or stupid.

This site, though, simple, stripped down, and with a double motivation of wordcount and badges, has done what that shelf has never done: got me spilling into myself.

Some days my words give me the start of a blog post or story, some days it’s me plotting out my day or talking about a movie or book I just finished, some days I’m thinking about current events, some days, emotional spew. The site doesn’t care what the words are, only that they are words. The site is a non-judging friend who listens.

It’s been just over a month and I can’t tell you what an improvement this site has made on my life, my moods, my processes. If I get angry or upset, I tell myself I’ll put it in words here…later, and that helps me navigate the present moment; it’s gotten me trying things I wouldn’t have before—since starting I had the idea to write a blog and posted regular entries, plot out craft projects….

…in short it’s given me space to GROW, in 750 word babysteps.

Testimonial Note from Alexa Dacre on Sun, Jun 02
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