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A Note of Inspiration from Francisco Guzman II

1 cup

I don’t really write much. The only things that I would write are emails and technical documents. I rarely post long things in my social networks. So after seeing that this website was going to have a paid system by May 1 2013, I jumped on the opportunity of getting this service while it was free. I didn’t really like the site’s concept since I didn’t really write but I’m competitive, so the badges kept me motivated.

I may not write the best stuff but I think I am improving and enjoying it. If I keep on working on this I may end up self publishing my own fiction book. Who knows.

You don’t need to be the best writer to enjoy the site but working on your writing is better than just flat out giving up on it.

Here’s to hoping I get all the non-time based badges in the future (I’m asleep during those times).

Testimonial Note from Francisco Guzman II on Sun, Jun 02
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