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A Note of Inspiration from Schreibblockade

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I’ve been in a writing rut for quite some time, and it was really getting on my nerves how I wasn’t even able to string together 5 sentences for a simple fanfiction. (My preferred medium of choice, at least at the moment.)

I saw someone mention 750words on Tumblr about a month ago and I thought, “Hey, why not, it certainly can’t hurt or make you write less than you’re currently writing.”

I won’t lie and say that as soon as I registered my muse came crushing through the door and made this an incredibly easy endeavour in the past month. Some days were good, some were not so good, but I was, and am, doing the best I can with what I’ve got. And I’ve come to the conclusion that even “just” writing 750 words every day is something that is incredibly motivating.

So far I’ve written about 30k for a single fanfiction, something I’ve never done before (it usually ends way beneath 10k), and I’m not even finished yet! I couldn’t even imagine something like that a single month ago, even though writing a story that has >50k words has always been a dream of mine.

The badges are a fantastic thing as well. I’m a pretty competitive person when it comes to things that even remotely resemble a game, and those badges made it easier to push through the days where I had no inspiration at all. („No, you will write now because look at the shiny badge you’ll get if you get out of your funk now. Even if it is 750 words of complete garbage, you’ll soldier through.“) I have a nice array of badges now, today I got the Albatross (30 days in a row) and it motivated me enough to enter for the June competition and also to put my appreciation for 750words into words.

Writing 750 words, even if it doesn’t sound like very much, every day is a wonderful exercise. “Just 750 words” amount to a lot of words over the month, and it nice to see how much work you accomplished, even when you feel that you did absolutely nothing in that month. (The wordcount doesn’t lie.) These days I’m really looking forward to the time I set aside for my (at least) 750 words. I treat everything I write like my personal NaNoWriMo (meaning I write now and edit everything at a later date), and that is extremely liberating.

In conclusion, I’m looking forward to the June Challenge, and all the badges that might come in my future. :)

Testimonial Note from Schreibblockade on Fri, May 31
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