The Good Patrons of 750 Words

A Note of Inspiration from Meaghan van Loenen

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This website has been instrumental in helping me cope with my anxiety on a daily basis and get me tapping into my creativity again by clearing away all of the mental debris. I was originally set the morning pages as homework by my hypnotherapist when she had me tackle ‘The Artists’ Way’ and I couldn’t get into the format or the rigidity of doing them before anything else, yet this website leaves me wanting to do my 750 words and genuinely happy when I have. I suggest this to anyone and everyone, as it is an easy to use format, an effective method of stress-relief, a great way to accomplish meaningful self-talk and probably much easier in this day and age that sitting down with pen and paper in hand. I am so grateful to the creators of this site for taking the time to make it happen.

Testimonial Note from Meaghan van Loenen on Wed, May 01
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