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Variable Word Count and NaNoWriMo Partnership

I love the site as is. As others have mentioned, though, 750 words for a lot of writers is too short of a goal for practical purposes. As has been mentioned previously, a variable goal count would be nice. If a user could make it longer at will, that would spur more writing, because while a person could choose to write more than 750 words, he or she won’t be pushed to do so.

I’m also thinking about if it would be possible for this site to officially partner up with NaNoWriMo. Right now the two sites are separate and while a writer could use the writings from in their NaNoWriMo work, most people would focus on one instead of the other. A partnership might encourage more of a crossover in many aspects, and by partnership, I don’t necessarily mean them buying you out (although if they did I wouldn’t complain) but more of an official affiliation.

New Feature Request Note from No Name on Tue, Apr 30
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