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A Note of Inspiration from Kayden

6 cups

Buster, thank you. I have just passed my one year anniversary on this site and I feel so much clearer about myself and my life than I did a year ago. I am not sure how I feel about moving to a pay service, even though I’m a patron. I probably won’t. BUT if I close my account I’d like to know there is a way of destroying all of my past entries and erasing them from your servers. Because, I don’t know what decisions you might be forced to make in the future. Selling may be unthinkable now, but the world is changing. I have written so much about myself that the idea of abandoning it, and it suddenly being sold to some third party in a year, five years, when I’ve long forgotten about it, is frankly terrifying. Please help us protect all of our silly little secrets?

Testimonial Note from Kayden on Wed, Feb 13
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