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A better mobile site

I’m sure other people using 750 words have been there. They’ve finished a long day, ready to sleep, but suddenly realise they can’t. They’re still buoyed up by the events of the day, and they need to do that day’s brain dump to clear it out. I’ve only been doing this for a month, and certainly not writing anywhere near as some of the highest fliers, but I’ve hit my goal and never sat down and struggled for things to say. Indeed, I’ve begun to really need to get thoughts down, wherever I happen to have them, which too often is on the move.

I love the fact that 750words has a mobile site. It’s adequate, I suppose, for emergencies when you haven’t written anything and absolutely need to before the clock ticks over. I just wish it gave a more complete mobile experience. I’d love to be able to view stats, change goals, access settings on my phone without having to do the awkward zooming everywhere. Offline writing would also be a great plus. If we could record stats and store them offline, then upload when necessary, it would be an incredible help. My stats graph after writing on the tube is this weird disjointed monstrosity since I “write” 150 words in the 20 seconds I’m at each station.

Here’s to the next month, and my journey to Space Bird. Wish me luck!

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