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A Note of Inspiration from Patron Thomas Markes

3 cups

I started working my first job out of college in June and very quickly realized how much more effort I needed to put in in order to be social with friends or family. Rather than having someone nearby to talk with if I was doing homework, in class, in a organization’s meeting, or just walking around campus, there’s not necessarily anyone to talk on anything more than idle conversation. I definitely started craving some time to really discuss problems and obstacles I was (and still am) trying to overcome on a regular basis. 750words is a haven for me. It’s so easy to access on the fly at any time when on a computer, and then just free-write anything and everything on my mind. I can organize my thoughts, make and verify real arguments for what I’m thinking, and go back to archives of older entries to see what I’ve really learned.
It would be an immense tragedy (to me, at least) for this site to disappear. I would not mind paying at all to help keep this site running. I much look forward to seeing your plan for the site tomorrow, Buster. God bless. :)

Testimonial Note from Thomas Markes on Thu, Jan 31
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