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A Note of Inspiration from Donna Peach

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750words is a place to go to free write whatever is in my head or heart and needs to flow through my pen (in this case, my keyboard). I love it that I can ponder, express, recapitulate and write about anything that can lead to any number of ideas being developed in one sitting. Sometimes I start writing about one strong idea and flip to another that becomes my main topic. I like that I am free to do that because this is the one place where I write that I can let go. I love 750words; my next tick goal in the timeline is 800 days. I can’t wait. I love the badges; they are such fun. Thank you, Buster, for providing this awesome site. It is my one stop every day that needs no reminder as most of the time I can’t wait to get here. Cheers to the admin team and my writing team mates, who, I hope, enjoy this site as much as I.

Testimonial Note from Donna Peach on Fri, Jun 01
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